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Features unbeatable by anyone else.

Up to 11GB RAM.

That's way more than you get with any other free provider. Enough to handle thousands of players.

Unmetered CPU.

We don't apply any limits on CPU usage. Use as many cores as your server needs.

As many servers as you want.

As long as it doesn't take up more than your RAM limit allows for, you can get as many servers as you want. You can even start a whole network!

Advanced DDoS Protection.

We provide protection against DDoS attacks up to 200gbps. To put that into scale, you need 10,696 average American broadband connections to do anything!

Online 24/7. No gimmicks.

We're one of the only server hosts that allow you to have your server on all day, every day. No need to join a proxy server or keep starting it yourself!

Instant, live support.

When you need help, our staff team can respond to your query immediately. Like - we actually talk to you instead of making you wait 36 hours for an email!

Our reviews cannot be matched.

Great hosting - I have had my server on [I tested this by going to sleep] The next day the server was working PERFECTLY fine! It had a really fast startup! It was online all day - reccomended.

Great, staff is very good and the server was created in a few minutes. Best host in the world!

Good free hosting, way better then any other I tried, lag free and with unlimited storage.

Great Hosting Service! Works very fine, Allows any plugins, even has 24/7 support! And the best thing is. IT IS ALL FREE!!! And you don't even get any connection errors like at the other hosting services! You should 100% try it out

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See how we stack up.*

Holo Hosting Minehut Aternos CubeHosting
RAM Up to 11GB 1GB Linear (What's this?) 1GB
Full file management support Yes No No Yes
Unlimited Storage Yes Yes Yes No
24/7 Yes No No Yes
Max Players Unlimited 10 10 Unlimited
Server Limit Unlimited** 2 1 1
Player Limit Unlimited 10 10 Unlimited

* We are only considering free services. Though Minehut can technically be considered as a host with up to 500 players, you'll need to pay for that.
** You can make as many servers as you want, but you need to stay under your memory limit.